"Why Do Evangelicals Convert to the Catholic Church?" – Evangelical Theologians solve the Mystery!

Have you ever wondered why people like pizza? “Is mystery”, as the great spanish philosopher and manservant Manuel once said. Well, the issue is now solved. Scientists and surveys have consistently proven that people like pizzas because they are yummy.

Have you ever wondered why people become Christians? Yes, I know people like Richard Dawkins would agree with Manuel’s conclusion (“Is mystery”), but once again, it seems that the mystery has been solved. 100% of those who convert to Christianity have said that it has something to do with believing in Jesus Christ. Imagine that.

Well, now some evangelical theologians believe they have solved the riddle of “Why Are Evangelicals Converting to Roman Catholicism?” In this article, Michael J. Vlach of Theologicalstudies.org reports on Scot McKnight’s September 2002 article in the Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society “From Wheaton to Rome: Why Evangelicals Become Roman Catholic.”

And the answer is? Well, there are four answers:(1) a desire for certainty; (2) a desire for history; (3) a desire for unity; and (4) a desire for authority.

Fancy that, eh? Who’d have thought? One can barely resist the temptation to go “Duhhh.” People like pizzas because they’re yummy, they become Christians because they believe in Christ, and they become Catholics because they are seeking certainty, history, unity and authority.

But now, here is the really weird thing: is there something WRONG with these desires? I mean, are we supposed to think “Poor souls, led astray by their idolatrous desires”? Are they implying that those evangelicals who do NOT convert to the Catholic Church do NOT desire these things? Is there something “weak” in desiring these things? Are true Christians those who can hold their heads high and stand against the storms of controversy that rage in their traditions BECAUSE they lack of certainty, history, unity, and authority?

What is one to make of such observations?

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