Bishop Anthony Fisher, Director of World Youth Day, speaks to the Media

But not to Stephen Crittenden. Mr Crittenden might well learn a thing or two about getting people to accept his demands that they appear on his show by listening to John Cleary’s interview of Australia’s youngest bishop and Director of World Youth Day. John’s interview is interesting and respectful, rather than domineering and manipulative.

That doesn’t mean that Cleary doesn’t ask Bishop Anthony the ‘hard questions’ – about the organisational issues, the numbers, the tax payers contribution, the ecumenical impact – he does, but he gives Anthony a fair chance to respond, and (as far as I can tell) the interview is live and not cut and pasted to get the interviewer’s message across rather than the interviewee’s. Plus some good music (in additon to Guy Sebastian).

You can listen to the interview and download it from here.

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