Happy Birthday, Your Majesty!

A short note to say “Happy Birthday” to our Sovereign, the Queen of Australia, Elizabeth II. Long has she reigned over us, and long may she continue to do so. I pray that God continues to give her good health and blesses her in the years to come.

Interesting editorial in The Age, today.

“This newspaper has long advocated that Australia must become a republic. This is not disrespectful to the Queen, but an expression of how the importance and meaning of monarchy have, over her long reign, become less important to most Australians who live in a self-sufficient soicety and expect the logical realisation of those values.”

Then comes the clanger:

“But we could not have reached this point without monarchist rule, which has given us the history and heritage to venture towards independance.”

In other words, were it not for the monarchy, Australia would have been a very different and much less happy society. Which kind of makes one wonder whether a future without the monarchy will be a better place…

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