Do I look amused by this nonsense? Lombardi on HV Dissenters.

It does not touch – in anyway – the true question at the center of ‘Humanae Vitae’, which is the connection between spouses’ human and spiritual relationship and the exercise of their sexuality as an expression of it and its fruitfulness.

In the entire letter,” he said, “the word ‘love’ does not appear once.

“He” is Fr Federico Lombardi, the Vatican spokesperson. “It” is a protest letter published in Corriere della Sera by various disparate dissenting groups such as Catholics for Choice and We are Church. You can read about it here. A more damning assessment would be hard to imagine.

The dissenters’ letter used the old chestnut that the church’s ban on artificial contraception had “catastrophic effects on the poor and the weak throughout the world, placing in danger the lives of women and exposing millions of people to the risk of contracting HIV.” This, said Fr Lombardi quite simply, “is demonstrably unfounded.”

Finally, regarding the appearance of the letter in the Italian magazine as a commercial advertisment, he ended with the question: “One also could ask who paid for it and why.”

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