As we were coming out of mass today, it began to snow. It didn’t last once it hit the ground down here, but we (Mia and I) went for a drive up the hill to Sassafras to take in the strangeness of the experience.

We didn’t stay up there long, because the snow was falling fairly heavily, and the roads were getting very slippery – the usual Sunday crowd plus the extra sightseers like us were slipping around on the road and I could see a disaster happeing before long. Any way, it was cold too, and (surprise for those of us who are not familiar with this stuff) wet.

When Maddy came home from her friend’s place a few hours later we went back up so she could see the snow too – but by then it had almost all melted.

No matter. There was still enough to make a snow man. What is it about snow that brings out the “idol-making” streak in our nature?

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