When 14 Gold Medals are not enough!

Australia is still 5th on the overall medal tally (with 46 medals in total – I don’t agree with Roy and H.G. that losing begins with silver), JUST ONE medal behind Great Britain (who, I have agreed with Tony, are “doing OK” – just “OK”). And with a whopping 14 gold medals.

But a quick glance here and you will see that we have actually gone DOWNHILL since the 2004 Athens Olympics which saw the end of our upward surge in the gold mine with 17 Gold medals (one up on Sydney 2000), and way down in the total medal tally at Sydney which was 58.

Is it – and I ask this as one who doesn’t know much in this area – that we Australians are not SPENDING ENOUGH on sport????

The paper this morning estimated that each of our gold medals cost us about 100 million dollars in sport related investment.


One wonders whether if we spent a little less on the arts, and perhaps on overseas aid, we might not be able to edge in a few more gold medals when we get to London in four years time…?

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  1. Peregrinus says:

    Do you realise this means we sacrificed a gold medal* to subsidise World Youth Day? I think we badly need to sort out our priorities!

    (* Roudning WYD subsdidy to nearest $100 million)

  2. Schütz says:

    I think you have a point there, Roy. Sorry, I mean, Perry.

  3. Victoria says:

    Wouldn’t all of this money spent on sport be better used for the poor?

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