Dead Man Walking in Denver? Pope sets Sr Helen Prejeans right!

On his blog, With a Grain of Salt, Peter Holmes picks up Mark O’Shea’s reaction to the comments of Sr Helen Prejean (the author of Dead Man Walking) who addressed a Democrats interfaith meeting in Denver. Usually an invitation is extended to the local bishop to bless the Democrat assembly – but you can just imagine the speech they would have gotten from the current local ordinary of Denver, can’t you? (See this CNA report)

Anyway, as Peter notes, Sr Helen gave them a little more than they were expecting when it came to opposition to the death penalty:

Following the hot topic of abortion, Sister Helen Prejean tackled another: calling for abolition of the death penalty to raucous applause at the DNC’s interfaith gathering.

She received nothing but a stony silence, however, when she questioned the basis of the biblical crucifixion story as a “projection of our violent society.”

“Is this a God?” Prejeans asked about the belief that God allowed his son, Jesus, to be sacrificed for the sins of humanity. “Or is this an ogre?”

Well, the Holy Father must have been listening, because he answered her question in his Angelus address just a few days later:

If to save us the Son of God had to suffer and die crucified, it certainly was not because of a cruel design of the heavenly Father. The cause of it is the gravity of the sickness of which he must cure us: an evil so serious and deadly that it will require all of his blood. In fact, it is with his death and resurrection that Jesus defeated sin and death, reestablishing the lordship of God.

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