Archbishop Hart tells Ceasar to…

In the combox to my posting of Archbishop Hart’s pastoral letter below, Louise using colourful language suggests that His Grace should “tell Caesar to get %$#@*^ed and threaten to shut down Catholic hospitals.”

Well, in effect that is exactly what he has done, and if Caesar isn’t listening, the Forum is. It’s front page stuff on The Age this morning: Archbishop in abortion law threat.

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  1. Jeff Tan says:

    David, The Age is also polling for opinions about forcing Catholic hospitals to aid and abet abortions. Highly illogical, if you consider everything else the law says about collusion and conspiracy to commit crimes.

  2. Louise says:

    Note how it’s currently at 58 – yes, 42 – No.

    For a bunch of people who claim to be tolerant and embracing of diversity, postmodern Aussies sure are nasty totalitarians.

    “Pluralism. Do it my way.”

  3. Louise says:

    Good man. If you see the bishop any time soon, David, do be sure to congratulate him for his action on this issue.

    Ya gotta love how “liberty” Victoria say that mandatory referrals are required from doctors. Disgusting.

    Like a woman can’t just ring up and find out via the phone which doctors do or don’t perform abortions or refer for them. Talk about a Nanny State.

    And can’t they all just ring Family Planning, which obviously must refer (or even perform) abortions?

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