Fist fight in the OK Corral? Or the Holy Sepulchre?

Its not a pretty picture, but (courtesy of Reuters) it shows that ecumenism has some way to go yet – and that unity among our Orthodox sisters and brothers is not all that it could be…

See this report by Tom Heneghan on his Reuters FaithWorld Blog.

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  1. Dixie says:

    Well, technically the Armenians are not part of the Orthodox Church. Both the Roman Catholic church and the Orthodox Church consider them monophysites…although the Armenians would argue that is not the case. Hopefully someday they will get all that cleared up…if it is a misunderstanding.

    In the meantime, however, the fighting is a shame and an embarassment for all.

  2. Past Elder says:

    What kind of monks are these? No martial tradition at all! A couple of Taoist monks would have kicked the crap out of all of them. Now THAT’S monks!

  3. Christine says:

    Ah, see how they love one another!!

  4. Past Elder says:

    Well that one dude needs to learn how to fall. Hell, that’s the first thing you learn, because it’s going to happen a lot!

    What a bunch of pikers for monks. There isn’t even going to be a good TV series out of it, like Kung Fu.

    I am — Demetrios. I will — help — you.

    What’s a shame about the fighting is that it isn’t fighting! These guys need a good sensei if they’re going to get on with monking their monkeries in the monking world.

  5. Tony Bartel says:

    The Armenians started it! ;-)

  6. matthias says:

    I had a friend who was a Greek Orthodox priest,who use to regale me with stories of how groups of men in his congregation would have fist fights in the Sanctuary prior to Divine service. Perhaps an alternative to an Annual general meeting.

  7. Schütz says:

    Ah well, better than bottling it all up, eh?

    Dixi, of course you are right. They are not of the same fold.

    But there’s the pity of it. Not only is this not good Kung Fu, as PE observes, it isn’t even very skilled ecumenical dialogue. Skilled ecumenists know how to pull punches without drawing blood…

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