Happy retirement, Bishop Patrick Dougherty (Bathurst)!

SCM wishes Bishop Patrick Dougherty of Bathurst many happy and relaxed years of retirement. Given that his retirement was announced mere weeks after the Dresser case, one has to admire the fact that His Lordship did anything at all. I (yes, I, dear Reader) would have been sorely tempted to simply leave a sticky note on the episcopal throne for the next incumbent.

Lots of rumours flying around about the future of the diocese, however, for which the Cooees boys (and girl – sorry, Sr K) have a good roundup.

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  1. Jeff Tan says:

    Hi David. Loved the sticky-on-a-chair graphic.

    This tact reminds me of what I should do when I hand over the subjects I am teaching — er, I mean, what I faced when subjects were handed over to me by outgoing academics.

    Seriously, it is a temptation. The conscientious stewardship displayed by the bishop is an inspiring example. One’s intentions become apparent when one acts in the absence of clear personal advantages, I guess.

  2. matthias says:

    I know what Francis MacNabb will leave when he retires:
    Just an empty Bible ,as he has torn out all the pages. Or perhaps his Freudian slip!!

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