Walter Kasper, N.T. Wright, and Bill Bryson

What have these three got in common: Cardinal Walter Kasper, Bishop N.T. (Tom) Wright, and Ango-American travel writer Bill Bryson?

They were all at Durham University for the mega-pow-wow of mega-ecumenists last week (read John Allen’s report in the National Catholic Reporter or in Word from Rome and another report in the Tablet).

Bill Bryson, who just happens to be the Chancelor of Durham University conferred an honoury doctorate on the good Cardinal, and Bishop Wright (Anglican Bishop of Durham) conferred a blessing upon the same at an Anglican Eucharist. Cardinal Kasper addressed the crowd. I emailed him in Rome today requesting a copy of his address, or alternatively that he may be able to publish it somewhere on the ‘net for us all to see, so when I have a reply I will let you know.

(What? Yes, I do regularly correspond with the Vatican. Cardinal Kasper doesn’t personally answer his own email, but Archbishop Fitzgerald, President of the Pontifical Council for Interrelgious Dialogue, does. I have had the pleasure of meeting both gentlemen. Please keep them both in your prayers. Cardinal Kasper is working very hard, and he isn’t young any more. He is off to Armenia and Georgia next week for the first meeting of the new round of Catholic/Orthodox talks. And I rather hope that Bish Fitz–as he once told me he was known around the office–gets a red hat at the next consistory.)

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