Whose Version of the Gospel?

My little letter to the editor of The Age re Pope Benedict’s Curia address (still not available in English on the Vatican Website) has been published (see the very end of this page) at the very end of the main letters section. The only other letter on the matter was from one “Pat James” of “North Balwyn” (that would be Fr Hodgen’s old parish, no?) which read:

If the Pope wants people to listen to him he should preach the Gospel of Jesus, not his version of it.”

Which surely raises an interesting question – in fact THE “interesting question” with which much of the discussion on this blog is concerned: What is the authentic Gospel of Jesus and what is simply someone else’s “version of it”?

If we concede the fact than any expression of “the Gospel of Jesus” is going to be someone’s “version of it”, surely it is not unreasonable to expect that the Pope would preach the Catholic “version of it”?

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