Doing a favour for the Brits in the fight against abortion

Okay, so I don’t usually do this sort of stuff, but the cause sounds a good one, so if you are motivated, and especially if you are a British reader, you might like to respond to Patrick’s request.

Dear Mr. Schutz,

I wonder if you could give a mention on your blog to an important campaign Family & Life is running?

The British government, as you may know, sees abortion as the solution to a range of social problems, including western Europe’s highest rate of teenage pregnancy. The latest manifestation of this is an attempt to change the rules to allow abortion providers advertise their ‘services’ on television and radio. We are particularly concerned because British channels are widely viewed in Ireland and, with the huge resources available to the abortion industry, they can be expected to target Irish women in particular.

The Committee of Advertising Practice (Broadcast), BCAP, is engaging in a public consultation as part of its review of the Advertising Standards Codes. In its consultation document, BCAP recommends that pro-abortion centres should be permitted to advertise on TV and Radio. We are organising a petition to persuade them not to change the rules:

Obviously, British signatures are particularly valuable, but others are useful too as the second prong of our campaign is to persuade other advertisers that having their ads run alongside ads for abortions won’t do their image any good.

If you can help at all, it would be much appreciated.

God bless,


Patrick Carr,
Family & Life,
26 Mountjoy Square,
Dublin 1.

(01) 8552790

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3 Responses to Doing a favour for the Brits in the fight against abortion

  1. Matthias says:

    Okay schutZ “dONE and dusted”.Now can I ask that readers go the barnabas fund site,and sign the petition supporting the lifting of Apostasy for those Muslims who convert out of their religion. In 2007 Norwegian muslim and christian groups decided upon this petition ,although ultimately the Muslims will be the one’s doing the hard yards.

  2. Matthias says:

    Click on this and people will find the link to the petition on the left hand side.
    Sorry was unable to meet you yesterday,but was asked to assist in a new staff interview which went later than we wanted.

    Next friday.

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