Orthodox Uniate Churches: The boot is on the other foot now!

There is an opinion that if something may possibly exist, then it will.

An anonymous comment on a previous blog alerted me to the existence of an Orthodox “Western Rite”, in effect the mirror image equivalent of the Eastern Rite Catholic Liturgy. Whereas Eastern Churches in full communion with Rome use Eastern Rites, this is a case of Western churches in full communion with the East using Western (Latin or Anglican) rites. For full info, see http://www.antiochian.org/western-rite.

The fact that the Moscow Patriarchate was the first to allow such a phenomenon may well cause the minds of modern watchers of the ecclesiatical world to boggle. Are these not the same bunch who are accusing the Catholic Church of proselytism and “uniatism” through the Eastern Rite Catholic churches?

Personally, I rejoice to hear that such opportunities exist for those who desire them (perhaps Frederic J. Einstein might find this to his tastes). Nevertheless, it does rather put the boot on the other foot for once.

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