The Pope said WHAT?

The Pope said this to the German Bishops:

In this regard [ie. in regard to the Seminaries], Vatican Council II, in its decree ‘Optatam Totius’, established important norms that, unfortunately, have not yet been completely implemented. This is particularly true of the institution of what is called the introductory course before the beginning of real and proper study. This should not only transmit a solid understanding of the classical languages, which is expressly required for the study of philosophy and theology, but also familiarity with the catechism, together with the religious, liturgical, and sacramental practice of the Church. …[T]he so-called role-playing games with a group dynamic, the groups of self-exploration, and other psychological experiments are less adapted for this purpose, and can create confusion and uncertainty instead.

And in case you were wondering if this applies to Religious Education in Catholic Schools as well, he also said:

In the past, it was not rare for the content of catechesis to be put in second place with respect to the teaching methods. The complete and comprehensible presentation of the contents of the faith is a decisive aspect for the approval of textbooks for religious instruction. No less important is the teachers’ fidelity to the Church’s faith, and their participation in the liturgical and pastoral life of the parishes or the ecclesial communities in the area where they work. In the Catholic schools, moreover, it is important that the introduction to the Catholic vision of the world and of the practice of the faith, as also the overall Catholic formation of the personality, be transmitted in a convincing way not only during the hour of religious instruction, but also throughout the entire school day – and not in the last place through the personal testimony of the teachers.

Okay. I take it that the Holy Father doesn’t expect that to apply just to Germany?

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2 Responses to The Pope said WHAT?

  1. mrocarroll says:

    I wonder if the Holy Father had the school system in Ontario, Canada in the back of his mind when he said this. We have already lost Catholic education in our two “most Catholic” provinces; Quebec and Newfoundland. The question is what is the difference between what happens in our classrooms as opposed to what happens in the public school classrooms down the road? I’m afraid the answer all too often is not much. What is the problem? I think Sr. Clare Fitzgerald hit the nail on the head when she spoke to the teachers and administrators of our board. “If you are unfaithful to a faith-based system, you are causing terrible damage.” Read more Sr. Clare here.

  2. Schütz says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog, Simon, and for the link to Sr Clare’s Seminar. We need more nuns like Sister Clare! Keep up the good work with your blogging. I would be interested to see if you can integrate it into your teaching. Your students might be your greatest audience!

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