Archbishop of Haiti among the dead

We woke here in Australia to the tragic news of the earthquake and the many thousands dead in Haiti. No one life is worth more than any other, but the Catholic community in Haiti will be hard hit by the fact that their Archbishop, Joseph Serge Miot, is among the dead. Please pray for him, and keep the Catholic Church in Haiti and all Haitians in your prayers.

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  1. matthias says:

    “Lord we pray for Haiti at this time of their great distress. we pray for the survivors that they will receive adequate and sufficient aid .That their wounds will be treated ,that clean fresh drinking water will be available ,and that order will be established.
    We pray for rescuers , nursing and medical staff,civil and sanitation engineers that they will be kept safe from harm;that they will make decisions based upon compassion and common sense.
    We pray for your Church,keep your Faithful survivors safe from further harm,and may they know your Peace,Presence and Protection ,and that we their Brethren weep with them ,for we are all members of the Body of Christ.
    We pray for the Government of Haiti that they will provide leadership to their people and trust in you.
    We pray that you will remove the curse of voodoo-the work of the Evil One ,from Haiti.
    Lord help us to never become fatigued from giving to those in distress ,but let us be generous in all that we do to relieve their suffering.
    In Your Great and Holy Name and through Our Saviour Jesus Christ Our Lord


    • Schütz says:

      Yes, thanks for this. Reading it was a moment of prayer. You have put a bit of thought into that, and I appreciate it. Interesting about the voodoo business. Have you read all the discussion about “The Princess and the Frog” and Disney’s aversion to making the “good guy” a Catholic priest over against the Voodoo “bad guy”?

  2. Paul says:

    Thank you Matthias,
    Perhaps the sufferings in Haiti are also a sign and call to us in Australia. Especially at this time of year, most of us only have to worry about choosing which entertainment to indulge in: tennis, eating, movies, hiking etc. We only have to remember to keep enough money to cover the weight loss programme or gym membership at the end of it all.
    This could be a challenge to us to think about our priorities.

  3. Christine says:

    We pray that you will remove the curse of voodoo-the work of the Evil One ,from Haiti.

    Voudoun, or Santeria, “the way of the saints” has long been inculturated in Haiti, the Caribbean and Latin America, as well as in the deep South of the U.S. It is animism/spiritism that has long been a part of natural religion.

    Because Catholic externals made a good cover for the rituals of Voudoun the slaves who came to the new world found it a good venue under which to practice their native religion. Also, the African veneration of the “ancestors” made a natural alliance with the Catholic veneration of the saints.

    Today it’s practitioners are found among a wide socioeconomic background.

    As I hope that the Haitian people receive the necessary physical and medical relief they so desparately need, so I pray that the light of Christ will one day shine brightly on that island nation.


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