Resolutions for the "New Feminism"?

Many readers will be familiar with the term “The New Feminism”. It is a term that has been coined by “John Paul II Catholics” to describe a kind of Christian feminism in line with the Church’s witness to the truth about human sexuality and relations. It represents just one of the many ways in which John Paul II used his strategy of capturing terminology that was originally secular and often anti-Christian and redefining them in Christian terms to serve the Gospel.

Cathnews carried a link this morning to this article, from San Francisco, in which two writers – one male (Henry Karlson) and one female (Marjorie Campbell) – outline their “New Feminst” resolutions for 2010. I think you will find it interesting. There is quite a long comment string attached to the article.

I find a couple of Henry’s resolutions particularly interesting:

1. To reflect more on what the New Feminism should mean for the masculine; to continue to work out all the underlying structures that have hindered an appreciation of the masculine; and to encourage men and women alike to understand themselves according to their gender and appreciate those differences, instead of seeing them as a hindrance.

6. Encourage more men to research the authentic Catholic understanding of gender so that they will not find themselves confused, angered, or overreacting to those concerns the Church rightfully brings up.

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  1. Louise says:

    I’m sick of Feminism. I’ll stick with the Gospel.

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