What the hell is up with Coo-ees?

When a blog goes “private”, surely it defeats the whole purpose of blogging? Isn’t the point of a Catholic blog to evangelise? And to defend the Truth? And doesn’t this mean it has to be public, ie. published, for all the world to see? So what’s this about needing to be part of an in crowd to read Cooees from the Cloister – formerly (and I do mean formerly) Australia’s premier Catholic blog? How are the Brian Coynes of the world to be educated without the wisdom of the Cooees crowd? How are faithful Catholics throughout the land to be amused without their wit? How are we to learn the latest gossip from the corridors of Ecclesia, from Rome to Sydney to the “Diocese of the Big Drain”?

And finally: I hope my invitation to join this new select club of Cooees readers is “in the mail”, as they say. In the mean time, I guess this means the position of “premier Australian Catholic Blog” is up for grabs?

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  1. Louise says:

    I’m ticked off too. Maybe they’ve just shut down for Lent?

  2. matthias says:

    Unless Louise decides to refire her blogsite,perhaps your one Schutz will become Australia’s premier Catholic blog. It seems that they are falling thick and fast .
    I notice that THE REGENSBERG CONSPIRACY has not had any entries since April 2008,and JEWS,CHRISTIANS AND MUSLIMs WORKING TOGETHER ,appears not to be the case since August 2009

  3. joyfulpapist says:

    Meanwhile, I’ve taken them off my blog roll. Sad, because it was one I checked every day.

  4. Terry Maher (Past Elder) says:

    Are they Benedictine?

    • matthias says:

      I do not know ,except that they are priests and perhaps they havebeen too busy over Lent or upset someone ??

  5. Peregrinus says:

    Cooees was never the – or even a – “leading Catholic blog” to my mind. To many in-jokes and veiled allusions that most Australian Catholics couldn’t get. Plus, it was witty, but a bit too close to nasty for my taste.

    As for going private, I wouldn’t rule out a simple software glitch on the part of Blogger. Or, it could be a temporary defence measure if Cooees has been targetted for some kind of spamming/denial of service attack, which I hope is not the case.

    Cooees did shut up shop once before, from my recollection, before reopening. It could be that the torch has passed to a new generation of blogmeisters who want to change the direction or tone of the blog in ways that make privacy desirable – e.g. their allusions are going to become less veiled but more nasty , and they only want to do this in the convivial company of their friends.

    Matthias says that they are priests, which is not something I knew before. I don’t know who any of the Cooees team are, but yet another possiblity is that, as tends to happen, their identities are slowly leaking out and, given that, they might feel their style will be a bit cramped if they bitch in public, and everyone [who matters] knows who they are. So they’re going to bitch in private.

    So, there’s a few possibilities that I can guess, but the truth may of course be something completely different. Their e-mail address won’t have changed, David, so you could e-mail them and ask what gives. And then, if it’s not a matter of confidence, you could tell us.

  6. Joshua says:

    Yes, I have been wondering about this… friends of mine have also been asking, but no one seems to know.

    Perhaps indeed their identities are becoming known – certainly for years it’s been a game that even bishops have played, trying to find out who these pesky persons are: after all, their humour is so clerical that it points to seminarians or priests as the source. (I thought women were gossips, until I got to know clergy!)

    At first I thought only I was blocked – I critiqued the latest of their rather tedious “humorous” posts about a priest who’s a friend of mine – and wondered why they still linked to me…

    P., what is their email address? I don’t have it to hand, and would like to email them to find out.

    • Clara says:

      the old joke was: What are the three fastest means of communication?
      Telephone, telegram and tell a priest!
      Given modern developments in communication, priest bloggers are mighty dangerous

      • Anne says:

        Clara where did you get that from?
        I thought it was telephone, telegram and tell a woman!!! my mum even told me that one!!

  7. Terry Maher (Past Elder) says:

    Everybody on this blog knows I’m not an Aussieralian, so excuse me all to hell but my understanding from my Aussieralian (that’s how he said it) roomie in grad school is that a cooee is a shout done when out in the sticks, or bush as you say, to be heard over long distances to draw attention, usually to find someone or be found oneself.

    If that is anywhere near accurate, then how in all jumping Judas H Priest does one have a cooee by private subscription only?

    • Peregrinus says:

      Well, the name is of course a play on the longer-established, and better-known, “Whispers in the Loggia” blog, whose “whispers” on breaking ecclesiastical news, and ecclesiastical backstories, reach a very wide audience indeed. If “whispers” can echo around the world, why cannot “cooees” be entirely contained within a cloister?

    • matthias says:

      pe very good point. a side show . An elderly lady -now gone to glory- at my church was English and married a Aussie soldier of WW1(an Anzac) .She told us she was attracted by seeing him in Trafalgar Square,looking for his mates. What did he do? You guessed it “Coo ee”

  8. Brian Coyne says:

    From the information reaching my ears, it is a little more serious than the ladies and gentlemen who have commented here so far would seem to realise. As I once learned to my everlasting cost, it does not pay to open your mouth too wide if you earn your income from the institution or are prone to posing difficult questions about how the institution ought be run or what sort of theologies it is promoting or supporting. I must say from my point of view it is interesting to see the blow torch being applied to the other end of the spectrum. The institution knows how to well reward those who know how to keep their traps shut and their heads below the parapets. The gentlemen and lady of the Cooees overstepped the mark a little too far. Very interesting times we live in.

    • Joshua says:

      Thanks, Brian (never thought I’d say that, but I must give credit where credit is due, and let bygones be bygones, not be crabby) – so have their secret identities finally come out? If they’re priests, I can’t imagine too many problems, but if they’re seminarians, God help them: bishops dump students for far less.

      Your comments, BTW, are spot-on: the ongoing surprise for me is how tolerant the powers that be are of those who don’t rock the boat, whatsoever they do more or less privately, and how intolerant of those who speak out, whether left, right or just plain barking. By any objective standard, Coo-ees’ nonsense are but pinpricks, so I hope they’re not unjustly punished.

      If you have any further details – not to be prurient, but just to illumine the mystery – of your charity, please let us know.

  9. PM says:

    Before they went private, by the way, they excelled themselves on Peter Kennedy as ‘The Man Who Threatened Rome’.

  10. Terra says:

    First, from a purely logistical point of view, blogger automatically puts up the message quoted in the post if you restrict access to a blog, even just to its authors. It is the only option available if you want to remove a blog from the web (temporarily or otherwise) unless you delete the blog altogether and lose every post ever written forever. So don’t feel bitter and twisted that you haven’t received your invite, even though an explanation would be nice!

    Secondly and more fundamentally, I was a fan of Cooees in its previous incarnation..But personally I thought it never really returned to form post its return, frequently stepping over the line between wit and satire and just downright nastiness. It is one thing to criticize, expose and speak up where to do so as needed to produce some positive outcome or effect, even if just opening eyes. Another thing to just relentlessly persecute, exhibiting no real sign of love of the church.

    I’m not at all convinced Cooees is the type of thing the Pope meant in encouraging priest bloggers! So its no great loss in my view.

    But it is true that the Oz catholic blogosphere is looking pretty thin these days and that is a shame….so start writing friends!

    • Joshua says:

      Nice to hear from you, Terra!

      Yes, like you I found Coo-ees’ had gone downhill lately, and their stupid series about Fr Withoos had become quite insulting.

      Fr W told me that if his bosses in the CDW had known of Cooees’ criticisms, ironically enough they would’ve been all solicitous for him as unjustly criticised…

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