Flattery is the Best form of Imitation

The world feels just that little bit lopsided these days with Catholica continuing on its merry way without the Cooees Crowd to counterbalance it.

Anyway, they have run a story (as every bit as biting in its satire as anything Cooees could ever have come up with) and a comment string on the Installation of +Anthony Fisher in Parramatta last night. They seem to have taken a shine to my photography, having decided to nick (with acknowledgement – Ta!) my picture of +Anthony. They have also generously linked to my page, which has sent my ratings today through the roof. Thanks, Brian! I am returning the favour!

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2 Responses to Flattery is the Best form of Imitation

  1. PM says:

    The satire wore a bit thin, though, when it came to the bleats about how much the event allegedly cost. These concerns never apply, of course, to conferences of educators (should that be in inverted commas?), social workers, ‘We Are Church’ etc, to trips to Zurich for Jungian seminars, to Eannagram worskshops, or other approved activities.

  2. Paul says:

    On a vaguely related topic…
    I was looking forward to the ABC Q&A programme on Monday night (8th) with Richard Dawkins and Sr Veronica Brady, to see the dynamics between these two.

    Sr Brady is usually the non-conformist nun speaking to “liberal” Catholics, but tomorrow she would have been challenged by Dawkins to explain what she exactly does believe. She would also be in the position of being the only person in the room expected to defend anything about the Catholic Church.

    Now I read that Sr Brady is unavailable and will not be appearing. What a shame.

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