"Convinced by the Truth"

Fr John Fleming’s latest book, on which he has been working for some time, is available for pre-publication ordering.

The title is “Convinced by the Truth” by John Fleming. [Old title was “Receive the Power”] and will be available next month.

What’s it about? Here is the blurb:

Why convert to Catholicism? In the context of what he saw as the global disintegration of Anglicanism Father John Fleming, former Anglican priest, presents a compelling account of his spiritual odyssey, and why Catholicism alone could satisfy his need for the synthesis of faith and reason. The Mass being a crucial factor in his own conversion, he draws readers into his exchange with two young people, one a Catholic the other not, on the reasonableness of Transubstantiation and the Sacrifice of the Mass. He concludes with a fascinating account of how the Traditional Anglican Communion came to seek, without condition, full corporate reunion with the Holy See and his own part in this history-making episode.

Click here for preordering.

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