Rocket Science 101: Healthy Habits for Attracting Vocations

As our good friend, Shannon O’Donahoo enters the Seminary this week with about half a dozen other fine young men, there is this timely piece reported on Zenit: Six Effective Habits of Vocational Recruiting. The six habits are:

  1. putting the Eucharist at the center of vocational work.
  2. personally inviting young men to become priests (most effective when it comes from priests)
  3. Seminaries being faithful to the magisterium
  4. Families (especially fathers) being faithful
  5. Priests interacting with possible candidates
  6. possible candidates attending World Youth Day

I don’t know if one can actually make a habit of attending World Youth Days (since they only occurr every three years and are not always accessible possible candidates), but all the rest are pretty well common sense I would say.

After all, it isn’t rocket science.

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