Pro-Life Polly at St Anthony's

I have been asked to give this event a plug and am happy to do so. I listened to Bernie filibuster back during the abortion debate in the Victorian Parliament. A very skilled speaker – although he failed to persuade his fellow members! (In his defence, they had all made up their minds already!)

Bernie Finn, Victorian MP, is giving a talk on “Pro Lifers In Politics, We Need More of Em” on Friday October 22 at 7pm.
The venue is St Anthony’s, Power Street, Hawthorn. The talk will be in the hall. The cost is $10 and the proceeds from the night will go to Pro Life Victoria. You can rsvp at  or ring 0408 733 794 0408 733 794

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  1. Mark says:

    The Bernie Finn, “Pro Lifers In Politics We Need More of em” talk on Oct 22 at 7pm is at St. Anthony’s 182 Power St Hawthorn. Just thought I should mentioned the number at Power St, in case people have difficulty locating the venue. Thanks very much for your help in promoting the event.

  2. Matthias says:

    I remember that bERNIE fINN ,who Jeff Kennett made great fun of is still a Member of parliament.although Jeffrey is doing a great job heading up BEYOND BLUE

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