It’s all happening in England and Wales

Here is a press statement from the Catholic Bishops Conference of England and Wales with regard to the establishment of the Anglican Ordinariate. They aren’t wasting time. The process will begin in January 2011 – before here even! – with the five bishops being received into communion. They are but the first-fruits! Then come the clergy and the people, being received as candidates at the beginning of Lent, confirmation at some time before Easter, and formation continuing to Pentecost when the clergy will be ordained. “Formation in Catholic theology and pastoral practice will continue for an appropriate amount of time after ordination.” Gosh. The Church has never moved so fast! Well, souls are at risk, I guess, and we all know what the last and greatest Canon law is (salus animarum suprema lex).

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I am Catholic, married to Cathy, father of Maddy & Mia. Since 2002, I have been the Executive Officer of the Ecumenical & Interfaith Commission of the Archdiocese of Melbourne. I was once a Lutheran pastor, but a "year of grace" and soul-searching led me into the Catholic Church. It was a bumpy ride, but with the support of my (still Lutheran) wife, I was finally confirmed on June 16, 2003.
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