St Benedict's Eucharistic Adoration Vigil (and Papa Benny's weakness)

OK, one more blog for the night. I was highly amused to read the Pope’s confession of his “weakness” in his conversation with the Roman priestssome weeks back:

The Gospels tell us that by day he worked and by night he was on the mountain with his Father, praying. Here, I must confess my weakness. At night I cannot pray, at night I want to sleep.

Well, we can forgive him. He is an old man. But what’s my excuse? Last Saturday morning I got up before dawn to go to St Benedict’s in Burwood (Warrigal Road) where they made their first step toward establishing Perpetual Adoration in the parish by having a 24 hour vigil. (The Missionaries of God’s Love seminarians were there too at the same time, so I wasn’t alone). Anyway, I set myself the intention of prayerfully saying the Office of Readings and Morning Prayer. But sleep overtook me: an hour after sitting down in the pew I woke up–where had all the time gone?! Pope Benedict and I would have made good companions for Peter, James and John in the garden, methinks.

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