Would you enter this box?

I mean, would you?

Zenit reports that Pope Benedict XVI has been fulfilling his priestly duty by hearing confessions of young people in preparation for the local World Youth Day celebrations this Palm Sunday in Rome. I mean sure, it would be really neat to have your own 3 minutes private audience with the Pope, BUT make your confession to him??? I must say I almost wet myself when I once entered the box at St Patrick’s to discover Archbishop Denis on the other side of the grill.

For all that, can you imagine yourself in a basilica, where there were 200 priests to chose from to whom you could make your confession–wouldn’t it be an act of pride to line up outside the Papal Box?

And think about how you would treasure his pastoral advice: you would be there with pen and paper scribbling it all down, you would keep it with you till your dying day–your very own privatised EX CATHEDRA Papal pronouncement for your life.

It doesn’t bear thinking about…

I really respect the pope doing this–after all, there is an example to be set and he sets it–but I just can’t for the life of me imagine myself going inside that box.

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