On the “Octave of Blood” and Euthanasia: Christopher Pearson

There was a fine article the other day in The Australian by Christopher Pearson, in which he addresses the Euthanasia debate in the context of the Octave of Christmas, sometimes called (apparently, this is the first time I have heard it called this) “the Octave of Blood”, because it included the Feasts of St Stephen, St Thomas A’Becket and the Holy Innocents. At the end he writes:

My first prediction for the year is that a grand coalition of the major faiths, assisted by some heavy-weight moral philosophers, will see the campaign against euthanasia as one they can’t afford to lose. For a change, it will be adequately funded and professionally run.

I hope he is right.

Today’s Australian had some interesting responses that you might also like to read.

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