Ooooh! This is exciting: a new, “third edition” of the Catechism, especially designed for teenagers, and cleverly named “YouCat” (short for “Youth Catechism”, but also reminiscent of YouTube etc.).

I don’t know when the English edition will be out, but I am looking forward to it. I was always a bit disappointed at the Compendium, because the language used in it was a bit too “high” for the simple folk (as Luther would have called them). I always wanted an official version of the Catechism which I could give to my daughters and which we could use for teaching here in the home. I hope that this will be it!

In the link above, Magister includes the wonderful words of Pope Benedict lauching this book – well worth a read in full, but here is a taste:

Some people tell me that today’s young people are not interested in the catechism; but I do not believe in this statement, and I am sure that I am right. They are not as superficial as they are accused of being; young people want to know what life is really about. A crime novel is compelling because the fate it draws us into is that of other people, but could be our own; this book is compelling because it speaks to us of our very destiny and therefore concerns each of us intimately.

For this reason I invite you: study the catechism! This is my heartfelt wish.

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I am Catholic, married to Cathy, father of Maddy & Mia. Since 2002, I have been the Executive Officer of the Ecumenical & Interfaith Commission of the Archdiocese of Melbourne. I was once a Lutheran pastor, but a "year of grace" and soul-searching led me into the Catholic Church. It was a bumpy ride, but with the support of my (still Lutheran) wife, I was finally confirmed on June 16, 2003.
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5 Responses to YouCat!

  1. Tony says:

    Yes, it will be interesting how they ‘pitch’ the english translation. If ‘The Lord be with you. And with your Spirit’ is anything to go by, I’d be a bit concerned!

    Slightly more seriously such a publication begs the question, what is ‘youth?’.

    To me the answer is highly complex and nothing that one book could hope to address.

    Finally, I’ve heard that Vatican has announced a new patron saint for email.

    wait for it

    St Francis of a CC.


  2. Gareth says:

    Lol at people that potray themselves as ‘progressives’ but can’t accept this small change on a positive note.

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