Table manners

I have noticed of late that the conversation at our little after-dinner table on this ‘ere blog is tending to be dominated by one or two (or three in particular) commentators.

May I just remind commentators to be mindful of the fact that if the host at the table has “gone silent”, and if other members of the commentary table are being excluded from conversations, those “doing all the talking” might like to step back a little and allow others into the debate?

My suggestion is that if you have said your piece, let it stand. See how others respond. You don’t need to argue each point endlessly.

About Schütz

I am Catholic, married to Cathy, father of Maddy & Mia. Since 2002, I have been the Executive Officer of the Ecumenical & Interfaith Commission of the Archdiocese of Melbourne. I was once a Lutheran pastor, but a "year of grace" and soul-searching led me into the Catholic Church. It was a bumpy ride, but with the support of my (still Lutheran) wife, I was finally confirmed on June 16, 2003.
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17 Responses to Table manners

  1. Gareth says:

    I take your point

  2. Phew…and I was a little worried about being taken for a “hit and run” commenter. (I like to leave a comment when the subject interests me, David, but I just don’t always have the time to follow the conversation after that, or when I do come back the subject under discussion has moved on. That’s my excuse, anyway!)

    • Schütz says:

      I’m like that on other people’s blogs too, Mark. Don’t worry about it. I actually prefer it. I want your point of view, not an interminable argument! (Mind you, I don’t mind an argument when it is leading somewhere – it’s the Monty Python style of argument which is simple repeated contradiction that I find really annoying…)

  3. Matthias says:

    The most recent postings i have felt that i have no experience or knowledhge to make any comment,and I have also been battling,and I will be up front about it , an episode of depression.

  4. Tony says:

    I should have made a more general response to this call before.

    Notwithstanding my own frustrations mentioned elsewhere I will try to engage my GNTA-SN* filter more often.

    * Getting Nowhere Threshold Alert – Stop Now.

    • catherine says:

      I enjoy following your wrangles Tony. I don’t see a problem with people making multiple posts as we are not stopping other people from contributing, they choose not to participate, unlike in a real conversation where one can be hogging the air space

      • Gareth says:

        I drink to these comments.

        • Gareth says:

          and acknowledge Catherine took some of the words out of my mouth – blogs like this can sometimes enable different ‘thinking’ Catholics to have a ‘discussion’ which they sometimes would not be able to have in a face to face setting.

          Despite engaging in such ‘wrangles’ sometimes leads me to wonder that some Catholics are truly not interested in listening to young, committed Catholics, I am sure it is all in good faith.

      • Tony says:

        I agree, Catherine, but it’s not my table. Like the rest of us, I’m here as a guest. I have no problem at all with the host setting the standards he want’s to adhere to.

        • catherine says:

          Tony, I hear you, I am just pointing out that David might think we are hogging the airspace whereas we may perceive that if we don’t blog noone else will, and/or that if other people wanted to contribute they would as we don’t believe we are stopping them

          • Schütz says:

            I guess I am just saying this isn’t a chat room, it is a blog with room for conversation in the comments. That’s all. It’s a fine distinction, but I hope you will understand what I am getting at.

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