You should only speak when you are spoken to, Your Eminence!

An interesting thing is happening over at the Sydney Morning Herald’s opinion poll. The question for today (get in quick if you can) is on Cardinal Pell and the stem cell research debate. Readers are asked to:

Rate his warning to Catholic politicians about voting in favour of stem cell research

As of 2:25pm today, the results were:

A spiritual leader has the right to point out moral and religious consequences – 19%
He should keep out of politics. Churchmen shouldn’t make veiled threats against MPs – 63%
Let our elected representatives decide on their own – 18%
Total Votes: 5418

I find it interesting that, when you register your vote, the current numbers come up, along with the figures for past polls. In fact, the last poll taken was on the question:

The churches and the IR debate : Should the churches be in the IR debate?

for which the results were:

No. There needs to be a separation of church and state – 18%
Yes. IR is an issue that goes to heart of the family and society – 82%
Total Votes: 282 Poll date: 01/06/07

Basically this amounts to “if we wanted your advice, we would ask for it.” Of course, it also seems to point to the fact that some people reckon the IR Laws go deeper “to the heart of the family and society” than does the stem cell debate–which is obviously considered a private and personal matter in comparison. Go figure.

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