Fr Paul Turner in Melbourne

Some of you will be familiar with Fr Paul Turner, the Parish Priest of St Munchin Parish in Cameron, Missouri, and a facilitator for the International Commission on English in the Liturgy (ICEL) who attended meetings by the Bishops as they worked on the revised Roman Missal translation. You may know his books on the liturgy, especially the cheap and excellent little manual introducing the new liturgy, “Understanding the Revised Mass Texts”. Fr Paul was here a few years ago, and now he is back.

Yesterday I attended with about twenty others his two hour seminar at the Cardinal Knox Centre organised by the Archbishop’s Office of Evangelisation. This seminar was an introduction to the new Roman Missal – a kind of exploration of the contents pages. Fr Paul has an in-depth knowledge of the new missal, and is even aware of small details such as the addition to the prayer “for an end to storms” of prayers – specifically for use in Australia – “in times of bushfires”, “in time of drought”, “in time of flood” and “in time of cyclones”. He wondered at small details such as why we would have “times of bushfires” (plural), but “time” of flood, drought and cyclone. He also pointed out the amusing error in the index of the missal, which references the prayer “in time of drought” as “in time of draught”… (beer? sheep?)

For those who missed this workshop, Fr Paul will be back again next Monday for another two hour seminar specifically looking closely at the Third Eucharistic Prayer. For full details, see here.

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