What was all that stuff about “Krauss” and “nothing” in the Pell/Dawkins debate?

Most of you, like me, probably had never heard of Lawrence Krauss or his “theory of nothing” until the debate on QandA between Cardinal Pell and Professor Dawkins on Monday night. Clearly, both Pell and Dawkins were in on something that the rest of us were not.

But since then, I have noted multiple articles on Lawrence Krauss’ book “A Universe from Nothing” since Monday night appearing in my google reader. Here is one such article, which supports the point Cardinal Pell was trying to make. It is by ACU philosopher Neil Ormorod, and is called “Behold the Mighty Multiverse! The Deficient Faith of Lawrence Krauss” and, yes, it is on the ABC Ethics and Religion website. Enjoy!

[Nb. Krauss is in town for the Atheists Convention]

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