A couple of ideas…

As a Lutheran pastor, one of my main responsibilities in the parish was catechisation–not just of the young, but of adults also. Mainly this took the form of bible studies, but it also included more in-depth courses on particular books of the bible or on various aspects of the faith.

Tonight I completed the fourth in the six part series for Anima Education “Ours is a Sacramental Faith”. I only have five students at the moment–but we have a lot of fun, as much with the various “red herrings” that come our way as with the actual substance of the course itself.

Someone asked me tonight if I could recommend somewhere where they could go just to study the bible–under a Catholic teacher, of course. None of the academic courses offered by the various universities or theological colleges would really have hit the mark. This person was not asking for scriptural theology courses, but a faith based introduction to the Scriptures.

Which brings me to two ideas I have had for a while and which I would love to have the opportunity to put into reality:

First: A year long introduction to the Scriptures for adult Catholics, which would survey the whole of the bible from Genesis to Revelation introducing the major threads and themes that run throughout from the beginning to the end.

Second: A regular weekly meeting group that would read and discuss the Holy Father’s weekly audience (or any other major work eminating from his pen).

My idea for both groups is that they would include prayer, and would develop and follow through ideas into the teachings of the Catechism.

If there is any parish or community or individuals out there who would like to put either idea into action here in Melbourne, just let me know.

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  1. LYL says:

    Sounds good! You should go ahead with it if you can get the interest and I will pray you do. I’d join in if I were in Melbourne.

  2. Schütz says:

    Thanks for the encouragement, Lou. I’ll let you know if it gets off the ground.

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