Archbishop of Canterbury Criticises Catholic Church On Day of Enthronement!!!

But it really was the nicest possible criticism to receive. During an interview for Vatican Radio on the day of his enthronement (March 21), Justin Welby told Philippa Hitchen, that he did have one very serious criticism of the Catholic Church: “You lot have kept Catholic Social Teaching far too well hidden.”

“It is one of the greatest treasures that the Churches globally have to offer, and even many Catholics don’t know much about it. Starting with Rerum Novarum in the late 19th Century and going through to the remarkable development under John Paul II and Benedict XVI, with a lot in between, particularly around Vatican II. I think in those you see a comprehensively thought through structure of approach to the way we order society in a way that reflects Christian teaching, Christian values: the love, the integrity of Jesus Christ. I think it is a huge treasure for the whole Church to learn from, and I think it will lead us into much closer cooperation.”

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I am Catholic, married to Cathy, father of Maddy & Mia. Since 2002, I have been the Executive Officer of the Ecumenical & Interfaith Commission of the Archdiocese of Melbourne. I was once a Lutheran pastor, but a "year of grace" and soul-searching led me into the Catholic Church. It was a bumpy ride, but with the support of my (still Lutheran) wife, I was finally confirmed on June 16, 2003.
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2 Responses to Archbishop of Canterbury Criticises Catholic Church On Day of Enthronement!!!

  1. Matthias says:

    ah yes and according to THE MELBOURNE ANGLICAN – Archbishop Welby ‘s spiritual director is a Benedictine abbot-Catholic OSB that is

  2. Peter says:

    The problem is that Papal Encyclicals and Apostolic Exhortations are not promoted any where near enough.Any Catholic that takes his or her faith seriously should read them.
    In his recent book Evangelical Catholicism,George Weigel says that Blessed JPII’s 1988 Apostolic Exhortation,Christifideles Laici on the vocation and mission of the lay faithful should be the Magna Carta for the laity.I suspect he is correct.

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