If we did this, they would call it proselytising!

I am a little bemused at this one: Faith of our Fathers: A Colloquium on Orthodoxy for Lutherans. Fr Fenton (one of the speakers) and Dixie both carry links to the resultant audio lectures which I have downloaded to my mp3 player.

But what to make of it? It was billed as a colloquium:

for Lutheran clergy and their spouses and Lutheran lay leaders from the Great Lakes region of the United States and Canada. The colloquium is the second in an ongoing series sponsored by St. Andrew House to present the basic precepts of Orthodox Christianity to clergy and lay leaders of other Christian faiths. St. Andrew House conducted its first colloquium, for Anglicans, in January of this year.

But look at who’s on the line up of speakers:

Reader Christopher Orr Born and raised Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran and received into Orthodoxy in 2001. He is an associate at Heidrick and Struggles, an executive search and leadership consulting firm “The Authority of Scripture”
The Rev. Gabriel Rochelle Formerly in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, Fr. Gabriel taught most recently at St. Sophia Orthodox Theological Seminary “The Church in Orthodoxy: Scratching the Surface”
The Rev. Gregory Hogg Formerly with Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, Fr. Gregory is now the priest at Holy Cross Antiochian Orthodox Mission in Dorr, MI The Virgin Mary and the Saints
Deacon Professor A. Gregory Roeber Professor of early modern history and religious studies at Penn State. Formerly with Lutheran Church Missouri Synod “Will No One Rid Me Of This Troublesome Priest? The Church, Augustinian Anxieties and Lutheran Conclusions”
The Rev. John W. Fenton Holy Incarnation Orthodox Mission (Western Rite), Taylor, MI “Orthodox Confessions of Faith” [I’m not quite sure why they don’t mention that he is a Former Lutheran pastor too…?]
The Rev. Basil Aden 25 years with the ELCA, now a priest at Christ the Savior Orthodox Church in Rockford, IL “Justification”

Good Grief! It’s as if Holmes and Vervoost and Schütz all got together and offered a seminar for Lutheran Clergy and Wives on the Catholic Church. Apart from the question of “who’d come?”, there’s the question of “Wouldn’t the offer of such an ‘information’ seminar be a little duplicitous? Wouldn’t it be a simply a shameless apologetic for the Catholic Faith over against the Lutheran faith?” (Answer to that question, for those who don’t know the three of us, is a resounding “YES”!).

I know how the Lutheran authorities would react to such an offer. And I am absolutely certain how the local Orthodox authorities would act if the Catholic Church was to find a whole bunch of converts from Orthodoxy to Catholicism and offer a “symposium” with them specifically for “Orthodox priests and their wives”. The cry would go up to heaven: “PROSELYTISM!!!”

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