On yer bike, says Pope Francis to Priests

The Catholic Herald reports:

Pope Francis revealed that it pains him when he sees a nun or priest driving an expensive car, and he praised the beauty of the bicycle, noting his 54-year-old personal secretary, Msgr Alfred Xuereb, gets around on a bike.

May I suggest:


However, he admitted that with work to be done and distances to be covered, cars are a necessity. Just “get a humbler one,” he said, before adding that if the flashier model still looks tempting, “think about how many children are dying of hunger”.

Again, may I suggest:


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  1. Louise says:

    Hi David – long time no see. I appreciate the Pope’s sentiments, but if cars are necessary for many priests – and it seems they are – is it not a false economy to buy an older car, for example? And really, it’s an older car that is going to look more humble – any newer car will look pretty flashy even if it is small and relatively simple in design. Because newer cars, if they are maintained well – are often very reliable and therefore less expansive all up. What do you think?

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