Jesuits to use university research to "solve the decline of youth involvement"

This report today in Cathnews:

Immaculate Conception Hawthorn parish priest Fr Des Dwyer SJ is leading a research project which hopes to engage more young people in the Church.

The study, which aims to solve the decline of youth involvement, is being conducted in conjunction with the Boroondara Deanery, Australian Catholic University and Monash University.

Fr Dwyer said he hopes to find ways to increase involvement in ministry among young people, Province Express reported.

A university study? Dear Lord, Father Des, is it that hard, really? Is academic research behind the success of St Benedict’s Parish at Burwood? Not even BROWN TROUSERS (how uncool is that) can keep them away from the MGL’s parish!

Guys, it ain’t rocket science. (Have I said that before? Stop me if I am repeating myself). Its about Evangelisation (Preach Christ!), Catechisation (Teach Christ!), and Vocation (Follow Christ!). If you still don’t get it, see my reply to “That Petition”: An Open Letter to the Catholic Laity of Australia.

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  1. Athanasius says:


    To put your point another way:

    Whatever else one might say about being young, one thing they usually have is an excellent bullsh*t detector. The stink of Compromise and its companion Hypocrisy is such a strong one that young people cannot mistake it. That doesn’t make them pushovers for enthusiasm or even for genuine conviction. But it certainly is making them increasingly proof against cafeteria Catholicism.

    The MGL’s (whom I know well – I was present at the birth in Canberra back in the 1980s) simply do what they say they will. That alone makes them attractive to a jaded and cynical generation. And the fact that this generation finds compromise repellent only underlines the fact they are looking for the real thing.

    And tat “real thing” is not a matter of words. They are looking for a life lived.

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