More on the Servant-of-God-to-be, Caroline Chisholm

Clara Geoghegan has emailed me to let me know that there is now a website dedicated to Australia’s next wanna-be Saint: Caroline Chisholm. Hey, its All Saints day, and I say there’s room for one more!

[The site is called, which is rather neat unless you’re German, and then you may be led to believe it is a site dedicated to “Herr Schisholm”.]

If you want a taste of the heart of this courageous Christian woman, just read this passage from her own writings:

When I heard of a poor girl suffering distress, and losing her reputation in consequence, I felt I was not clear of her sin, for I did not do all I could to prevent it.

During the season of Lent of that year, I suffered much; but on the Easter Sunday, I was enabled, at the altar of our Lord, to make an offering of my talents to the God who gave them. I promised to know neither country or creed, but to try and serve all justly and impartially.

I asked only to be enabled to keep these poor girls from being tempted, by their need, to mortal sin; and resolved that, to accomplish this, I would in every way sacrifice my feelings – surrender all comfort – nor, in fact, consider my own wishes or feelings, but wholly devote myself to the work I had in hand.

I felt my offering was accepted, and that God’s blessing was on my work: but it was his will to permit many serious difficulties to be thrown in my way, and to conduct me through a rugged path of deep humiliation.

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