A Lutheran Pastor peddling "The Goddess Rosary"?

I am indebted to Fr Marco Vervoost (an Anglo-Catholic priest who studied at Luther Seminary with me—go figure why so many of who went through Sem at that time have ended up either in the Catholic Church, or in the catholic wing of the Anglican Church) for this little gem on his Heretics Anonymous page. Follow the links.

Some protestants will say “Look: that’s where Catholicism leads you.” Answer is: Nope. That’s where you end up as a Protestant if you are deprived of the personal Motherhood of Mary.

Note that the “Goddess Rosary” does not name Mary. It isn’t about Mary. Mary is decisively written out of the rosary prayer just as the name of her Son Jesus is written out. There is no way this prayer can have any claim to be Christian. It is completely gnostic. Totally disincarnate. If it isn’t “anti-Christ” it is certainly “anti-Mary”. Shiver…

Be afraid. Very afraid—if you are a Lutheran…

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