L'Osservatore Romano Daily Edition to become UBIQUITOUS!

This has to be the best news ever for the Catholic Blogging world. Forget Cathnews. Forget The Tablet. Forget the National Catholic Reporter. The Grand-daddy of them all is about to appear on the Internet for the very first time: the one, the only, L’Osservatore Romano coming to a computer near you.

Sandro Magister reports:

But the true turning point will come with the internet, from which “L’Osservatore Romano” is practically absent today. When, in a few months, everything will be available immediately online, in multiple languages, this very special newspaper will make the leap of its life, from Rome to the world.

Now, at last, we can all finally have an infallible pronouncement each morning along with our coffee and The Times/The Age/The Financial Review…

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