He's not the Messiah, he's just our new PM…

News this morning seems to follow in a general sort of pattern that has been emerging over the last two weeks:

An appeal by Australia’s Catholic Religious has sought the ear of newly elected Prime Minster Kevin Rudd to lead the nation into more just relationships, helping all Australians become better people and forging a better nation.

Its really quite touching when you think about it. I experienced the same thing at a family party last night. A pure and pristine faith in the goodness and justice of the new Labor Government and especially its parliamentary leader, Kevin Rudd.

Despite the fact that Kevin is proving to be less than decisive on matters like saying “Sorry” to the indigenous population of Australia or on committing Australia to any reduction in carbon emissions that would make any sort of difference, and despite the fact that one of the first acts of his new immigration minister has been to send home those boat people featured on the front page of The Age during the election, the hopes of these new “true believers” a surely commendable.

Nevertheless, if, like “Australia’s Catholic Religious”, these new faithful really do believe that it is in the power of our new PM to make Australians “better people”, then I really wonder if they aren’t setting themselves up for an almighty disappointment.

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