Unicity of Christ? Tick. Church? Tick. Evangelisation?

Tick. Or at least “Tick” later this evening.

John L. Allen, reporting the USCBC Doctrinal Committee’s verdict on the theology of Peter Phan, added this little throw away note:

This Friday, a new Vatican document, “Doctrinal Notes on Some Aspects of Evangelization,” will be presented in a Rome news conference. It is expected to confirm the committment to explicit conversion as the core of the church’s missionary efforts.

This will complete a trilogy of “Doctrinal Notes” from the CDF, which began with “Dominus Iesus” in 2000 and continued with the “Responses on the doctrine of the Church” earlier this year. If this new document continues in the same vien as the previous two, that about winds it up for universalist pluralism in Catholic theology.


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