Where was this picture taken?

The picture above was posted by the Cooees crowd in a blog complaining about the shoddy journalism of the Brisbane Catholic Leader. The story relates to Archbishop Denis Hart (“our +Denis”) launching the Australian Association of Catholic Bioethicists at a dinner held recently.

However, the picture does not seem to fit. I am fairly sure that the person in the centre of the picture is none other than Melbourne-born-and-based Progressive Rabbi Gershon Zilberman. Here is a picture of the Rabbi which I took myself a year or two ago:

I am not exactly sure what he would be doing at a dinner for Catholic Bioethicists… I would be very interested to know if a) this photo was really taken at the dinner, or b) where and when it actually was taken. Has Cooees been guilty of a little shoddy reporting themselves?

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  1. Peregrinus says:

    The theme of the Colloquium was “Conscience in Public Life: Doctors, Lawyers and Legislators”, and it seems to have been fairly wide-ranging including, e.g., a paper on “Church and State in the Australian Constitution” from Professor Greg Craven and an address by Professor Michael Tate on “Politics, Warfare and Conscience” (over dinner – presumably between Dr Hart’s “celebration” and his “homily”).

    There was also a paper on “Reason and the Public Square” from Rabbi Shimon Cowen. Is it possible that Rabbi Zilberman was there in support of Rabbi Cowen, or simply because he was interested in the issues under discussion?

  2. Schütz says:

    Ah yes, that would be the connection. Rabbi Cowen has been working with Nick Tonti-Fillipini on various bioethical issues. Of course, Rabbi Cowen is Orthodox, as far as I know, and you don’t usually get much ecumenism between the Orthodox and the Progressives…

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