Disappointing (but not unexpected) News re the Pope and Luther

As we wrote below some time ago, the Times story “Vatican to rehabilitate Luther” was a load of nonsense.

However, we were mildly excited at the prospect of Luther being the topic for the Pope’s Schulerkreis this year.

So it is a little disappointing to discover that there was not even this grain of truth in the Times story.

Vatican officials told CNS News that “the topic of the pope’s annual summer gathering of former students this year has not yet been decided” and that “of the two topics under consideration, Luther is not one of them”. What a pity.

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  1. Peregrinus says:

    Been there, done that. Ratzinger was writing and speaking at some length about Luther and his ideas mmore than twenty years ago. It wouldn’t at all surprise me to discover that Luther has been the subject of a previous schulerkreis, although I don’t actually know that. Indeed, Ratzinger’s views on Luther have themselves been the subject of published studies by other theologians, e.g. Aidan Nichols.

    Not that you’d expect the Times to notice this. Unless Ratzinger says something that can be viewed as a comment about (a) abortion or (b) homosexuality, anything he says is likely to pass unremarked, and certainly unanalysed.

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