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“Stop, you vandals! You home wreckers! You halfcrazed Visigoths!”

  We’ve lived in our humble abode, the Casa Schutz-Beaton, for some 14 years. It is a small but pleasant three-bedroom home at the bottom of a long drive. Quiet and private, thanks especially to large shadey trees that overhang … Continue reading

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New Auxiliary Bishops for Melbourne

(and about time too!) I was thinking on Tuesday as I rode home from the Christian Motorcyclists Association National Run through Gippsland, that my one-time travelling colleague Fr Peter Slater is still the current Apostolic Administrator of the Sale Diocese … Continue reading

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A Courageous Colleague called to Rest from his Labours

A message from Bishop Peter Elliott: Dear friends The news of the entry into eternal life today of Professor Nicholas Tonti Filippini has not come as a surprise.  With faith and fortitude, supported by his devoted wife Dr Mary Walsh … Continue reading

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Jerome Murphy-O’Connor meets St Paul?

I sometime fantasize about writing a series of fiction novels with a theological slant. One idea I toy with now and then is to do a series of detective mystery novels, each with a different saint of the Catholic Church … Continue reading

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R.I.P. Stumpy Rat (b. 17th Oct 2013; d. 29th Sept 2014)

Rats have very short lives, even if they live a “long life” for a rat. The years of their life are two or, by reason of strength, three. Alas, our little Stumpy drew the short straw. She was always the … Continue reading

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Congratulations, Archbishop Anthony Fisher

This was one boot that was a long time in dropping, but the news has finally broken that Sydney has a new Archbishop.  My family, Cathy, Mad and Mia, join me in wishing Archbishop-elect Anthony Fisher OP every blessing and … Continue reading

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Interesting times all over again

On the Twitterverse this morning, I came across this article in the National Catholic Register: No Scandal Here: The 20 Couples Married by Pope Francis Were Legit. Basically, they say exactly what I said in the previous post and com-thread. … Continue reading

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The Kind of Media Report that Muddies rather than Clarifies Truth

In the combox of a previous post, Faz/Tony gave the link to this report on the BBC News Europe site. To Tony’s credit, he did say that “[the] secular media often screws up reports related to the church”. I’ll say. … Continue reading

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Registered Commentators: Please drop me a comment

Dear regular readers and registered commentators, Tonight this site was bombarded with spam comments, and it took me some time to get it under control. I have added extra protection and it seems to have done its job, but my … Continue reading

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Found it! Michele Saracino’s CTSA response to Paul J. Griffiths

In a previous post, I wrote with praise for Paul J. Griffiths’ address to the Catholic Theological Society of America. I also linked to James Keating’s background article in First Things. In that article, Keating refers to a response that … Continue reading

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