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New Auxiliary Bishops for Melbourne

(and about time too!) I was thinking on Tuesday as I rode home from the Christian Motorcyclists Association National Run through Gippsland, that my one-time travelling colleague Fr Peter Slater is still the current Apostolic Administrator of the Sale Diocese … Continue reading

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A Courageous Colleague called to Rest from his Labours

A message from Bishop Peter Elliott: Dear friends The news of the entry into eternal life today of Professor Nicholas Tonti Filippini has not come as a surprise.  With faith and fortitude, supported by his devoted wife Dr Mary Walsh … Continue reading

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Jerome Murphy-O’Connor meets St Paul?

I sometime fantasize about writing a series of fiction novels with a theological slant. One idea I toy with now and then is to do a series of detective mystery novels, each with a different saint of the Catholic Church … Continue reading

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R.I.P. Stumpy Rat (b. 17th Oct 2013; d. 29th Sept 2014)

Rats have very short lives, even if they live a “long life” for a rat. The years of their life are two or, by reason of strength, three. Alas, our little Stumpy drew the short straw. She was always the … Continue reading

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Congratulations, Archbishop Anthony Fisher

This was one boot that was a long time in dropping, but the news has finally broken that Sydney has a new Archbishop.  My family, Cathy, Mad and Mia, join me in wishing Archbishop-elect Anthony Fisher OP every blessing and … Continue reading

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Interesting times all over again

On the Twitterverse this morning, I came across this article in the National Catholic Register: No Scandal Here: The 20 Couples Married by Pope Francis Were Legit. Basically, they say exactly what I said in the previous post and com-thread. … Continue reading

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The Kind of Media Report that Muddies rather than Clarifies Truth

In the combox of a previous post, Faz/Tony gave the link to this report on the BBC News Europe site. To Tony’s credit, he did say that “[the] secular media often screws up reports related to the church”. I’ll say. … Continue reading

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Registered Commentators: Please drop me a comment

Dear regular readers and registered commentators, Tonight this site was bombarded with spam comments, and it took me some time to get it under control. I have added extra protection and it seems to have done its job, but my … Continue reading

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Found it! Michele Saracino’s CTSA response to Paul J. Griffiths

In a previous post, I wrote with praise for Paul J. Griffiths’ address to the Catholic Theological Society of America. I also linked to James Keating’s background article in First Things. In that article, Keating refers to a response that … Continue reading

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Bringing out the Big Guns

Okay, some have taken issue with my previous post regarding Cardinal Kasper’s recent article in America Magazine. One in particular, Lutheran Pastor Mark Henderson, has claimed that it is the Catholic Church, and not the Eastern Orthodox or Protestant Churches, … Continue reading

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