MacKillop-Woods Way Pilgrimage 2016-2019

Mary MacKillop

In the 150th anniversary year of the founding of the Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart David Schütz and Seán Deany, together with their friend Josh, began a pilgrimage from Saint Mary of the Cross MacKillop’s birthplace in Fitzroy to her shrine and tomb in North Sydney.

In 2010, Seán Deany approached the Mary MacKillop Penola Centre with an idea for an Australian pilgrimage road “The MacKillop-Woods Way”. The Centre endorsed this idea, from which has since developed the “Aussie Camino” pilgrimage, inaugurated by Seán and Luke Mills in April 2014 and repeated many times since under Luke Mills’ leadership by groups walking from Portland to Penola over seven days. However, Seán’s original vision was much broader: inspired by the Camino de Santiago, which he has walked several times, Seán has mapped out a practical trail leading all the way from Port Augusta to Melbourne (via Penola) to Sydney. In 2012 and 2014 he completed walking and cycling the Port Augusta to Melbourne route.

MacKillop Woods Way

David Schütz, who works for Ecumenical and Interfaith Commission of the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne, participated in the inaugural “Aussie Camino” led by Luke Mills in April 2014 and repeated the experience in December 2014 and April 2015. During this time he began to think of the possibility of a walking pilgrimage from St Mary’s birthplace in Fitzroy to her tomb and shrine in North Sydney.

On Easter Monday, March 28, 2016, David, Seán and Josh embarked upon a new leg of “The MacKillop-Woods Way”. For the sake of practicality, they planned the pilgrimage from Melbourne to Sydney over four sections, intending to walk two weeks every year in the Easter Holidays over the four years from 2016 to 2019. From March 28 to April 9, 2016, they walked from Melbourne to Bairnsdale in East Gippsland. In October 2016 they continued on from Bairnsdale, walking to Orbost. In the first two weeks of Easter 2017 David and Seán – with assistance from driver and cyclist Paul Coghlan – continued their walk from Orbost to Eden via Bendoc, Bombala and the Towamba Valley. In 2018, starting on 16 April, David, Seán and Josh will work their way up the east coast of New South Wales from Eden to Ulladulla. They aim to finally arrive at Saint Mary’s shrine in the weeks after Easter in 2019.

First Leg Map and Schedule

In 2016, local parishes, including Emerald, Drouin-Warragul, Moe, Traralgon, Cowwarr, Bairnsdale and Orbost, showed their enthusiasm for the idea of “The MacKillop-Woods Way”, by offering accommodation on the way. Many other locals, businesses, hotels, cafes and restaurants showed interest and support for the walkers.

As with the “Aussie Camino”, Seán prepared a pilgrim “passport” in which the pilgrims collect stamps from the parishes and towns they visit. They hope that by pioneering a viable route and walking it themselves, others may follow in their footsteps, and “The MacKillop-Woods Way” from the birthplace of St Mary to her tomb may become a recognised Australian pilgrimage trail.

The pilgrimage has received the blessing of the Archbishop of Melbourne, Denis Hart, and the endorsement of the Bishop of Sale, Patrick O’Regan. Claire Larkin, the Chairperson of the Mary MacKillop Penola Centre, also wrote to wish God’s blessings, good health and much success for the plans.

Sean prepared a “passport” along the lines of the Camino de Santiago credentials for the pilgrims to collect stamps in along the way.

Pilgrim Passport for the First Leg of the MacKillop-Woods Way from Fitzroy VIC to Bairnsdale VIC completed in April 2016

Below is a list of links in chronological order of the diary kept by David Schütz along the pilgrimage so far. David would very much welcome contact from anyone who would like to learn more about the route they took, the accommodation and other logistics, should you wish to follow in their footsteps.

For those interested in statistics, the original Google Earth measurement for the entire first leg of the MacKillop-Woods Way pilgrimage from Fitzroy to Bairnsdale was 320km. David’s realtime GPS measurement came in at 366kms. So let’s call it a round 340kms!

UPDATE 6 October 2016

Seán, Josh and I completed the next section of the MacKillop-Woods Way from Bairnsdale to Orbost on 2-5 October 2016, staying at Bairnsdale, Bruthen, Nowa Nowa, Tostaree and Orbost. I had a better app to measure my distances on this section, and so can confidently state that the distance from Bairnsdale to Orbost is just over 100km, my app measuring 103.5km. At the end of this section we had covered 443.5km.


UPDATE 2 May 2017

On Easter Monday, 17 April 2017, Seán and I, in the company of our friend Paul Coghlan, set off for another leg of our pilgrimage . Unfortunately, Josh was not be able to join us for this leg. Paul was our driver and backup as we were heading into remote territory. We walked for nine days and approximately 250kms as we travelled from Orbost in Victoria, to Goongerah, Bendoc, into New South Wales to Craigie, Bombala, Towamba and finally arrived at Eden on the NSW coast on 26 April. The entire leg was just on 250km, making the distance covered so far 693km, well over half way to Sydney (which is estimated at another 525km). We will return to Eden on Easter Tuesday 2018 to continue our pilgrimage as far as Ulladulla. We would welcome contact from anyone interested in walking any part or all of the 2018 leg of the Pilgrimage with us.

The 2017 leg of the MacKillop-Woods Way Pilgrimage from Orbost to Eden via Bombala. The different colours each indicate a day’s walk.

Pilgrim Passport for the Second Leg of the MacKillop-Woods Way from Bairnsdale VIC to Eden NSW (Completed in October 2016 and April 2017)

UPDATE Tuesday 27 February 2018

Sean, Josh and I are currently planning the next section of our MacKillop-Woods Way Pilgrimage, this time from Eden NSW to Ulladulla NSW. Our schedule will be as follows:

Monday 16 April: Travel Melbourne to Eden

We will be staying overnight with parishioners belonging to the Eden Catholic Parish.

Day 1. Tuesday 17 April: Eden to Merimbula (31.33km)

Starting at Our Lady Star of the Sea, Eden and walking to St Peter’s, Pambula, via the Nethercote Road and then to St Joseph’s Church in Merimbula. Staying with local parishioners.

Day 2. Wed 18 April: Merimbula to Tathra (23.95km by Coastal Route)

We will stick fairly close to the coast for this walk (unless prevented by creeks that block our way) going past Wallagoot Lake and arriving at Our Lady Star of the Sea in Tathra by the Kangarutha Track. Staying with members of the local parish.

Day 3: Thursday 19 April: Tathra to Murrah (29.41km)

Following the Tathra-Bermagui road as far as Murrah Hall. Staying the night at Bermagui (we will need a lift!) with local parishioners.

Day 4: Friday 20 April 2018: Murrah to Central Tilba (31.87km) via Bermagui

Starting off again from Murrah Hall and walking back through Bermagui (visiting Our Lady Help of Christians), we will take the Wallaga Lake Road and Bermagui Road to Central Tilba. We are staying at a B&B there.

Day 5: Sat 21 April 2018: Central Tilba to Narooma (20.18km)

We are planning a bit of a rest in Central Tilba in the morning (perhaps visiting the local market) before walking to Our Lady Star of the Sea at Narooma via the Punkalla Tilba Road, Ridge Road, the Old Highway and Wonga Road. The Narooma Parish is helping with accommodation.

Day 6: Sunday 22 April: Narooma to Bodalla (21.84km)

After Mass at Narooma we have a shortish walk along the coast to Dalmeny, a short stretch on the Princes Highway, then through the forest on Mitchell’s Ridge Road and Whittakers Creek Road, before heading back on the Highway and to St Edmund’s Church in Bodalla. We are staying at the Bodalla Arms Hotel overnight.

Day 7: Monday 23 April: Bodalla to Moruya (31.5 km)

Faced with a full day of walking on the Princes Highway, we have decided instead to take “the road less travelled” from Bodalla to Moruya, via Bumbo Road, through the forest on Western Boundary Road and Little Sugarloaf Road, coming out on Wamban Road to Sacred Heart Church, Moruya. The local parish have offered us the use of the Moruya presbytery for the night.

Day 8: Tuesday 24 April 2018: Moruya to Batemans Bay (31.89km to the Church at Batehaven)

We will take a coastal route this time, via Granite Town, Broulee, Bevian and Burri Roads, and Old Grandfather’s Road into Batemans Bay. Members of St Bernard’s Church will put us up there.

Day 9: Wednesday April 25 (Anzac Day Holiday):

A rest day at Batemans Bay.

Day 10: Thursday 26 April: Batemans Bay to Kioloa (29km from Bridge, 34km from church)

We head along the Princes Highway until we pass Durras Lake, and then head in towards the coast on Mount Agony Road and the Old Coast Road to Kioloa, where we are staying at the Kioloa Beach Holiday Park.

Day 11: Friday 27 April 2018: Kioloa to Ulladulla (28.91km)

On this day we pass out of the Canberra-Goulburn Archdiocese and enter into the Wollongong Diocese. We walk from Kioloa to Ulladulla by Murramarang Road to the mouth of Willinga Lake, then follow the Willinga Lake Walking Track to the mouth of Reedy Creek, then along the coast to Termeil Creek, and the Tabourie Village Track to the Tabourie Creek when we return to the Princes Highway into Ulladulla. We will be staying at the parish house at Milton on this, our final night on the leg of the pilgrimage, and hope to catch up with parishioners from Ulladulla.

Day 12: Saturday 18 April 2018.

Journey home.

















First Section: Fitzroy to Bairnsdale (28 March to 9 April, 2016)

MacKillop-Woods Way Pilgrimage 2016: Day One
(Easter Monday, March 28: Fitzroy to Wantirna South)

MacKillop-Woods Way Pilgrimage 2016: Day Two
(Easter Tuesday, March 29: Wantirna South to Emerald)

MacKillop-Woods Way Pilgrimage 2016: Day Three
(Wednesday, March 30: Emerald to Tynong North)

MacKillop-Woods Way Pilgrimage 2016: Day Four
(Thursday, March 31: Tynong North to Drouin)

MacKillop-Woods Way Pilgrimage 2016: Day Five
(Friday, April 1: Drouin to Yarragon)

MacKillop-Woods Way Pilgrimage 2016: Day Six
(Saturday, April 2: Yarragon to Moe)

MacKillop-Woods Way Pilgrimage 2016: Day Seven
(Divine Mercy Sunday, April 3: Moe to Traralgon)

MacKillop-Woods Way Pilgrimage 2016: Day Eight
(Monday, April 4: Traralgon to Cowwarr)

MacKillop-Woods Way Pilgrimage 2016: Day Nine
(Tuesday, April 5: Rest Day in Cowwar)

MacKillop-Woods Way Pilgrimage 2016: Day Ten
(Wednesday, April 6: Cowwarr to Maffra)

MacKillop-Woods Way Pilgrimage 2016: Day Eleven
(Thursday, April 7: Maffra to Munro)

MacKillop-Woods Way Pilgrimage 2016: Day Twelve
(Friday, April 8: Munro to Lindenow)

MacKillop-Woods Way Pilgrimage 2016: Day Thirteen
(Saturday, April 9: Lindenow to Bairnsdale)

Second Section, Part A: Bairnsdale to Orbost (30 September to 5 October, 2016)

MacKillop-Woods Way Pilgrimage 2016 II: On the Way again!
(Friday, September 30: Catching up and looking forward)

MacKillop-Woods Way Pilgrimage 2016 II: Day One
(Sunday, October 2: Bairnsdale to Bruthen)

MacKillop-Woods Way Pilgrimage 2016 II: Day Two
(Monday, October 3: Bruthen to Nowa Nowa)

MacKillop-Woods Way Pilgrimage 2016 II: Day Three (Tuesday, October 4, Feast of St Francis, Nowa Nowa to Tostaree)

MacKillop-Woods Way Pilgrimage 2016 II: Day Four (Wednesday, October 5, Tostaree to Orbost)

Second Section, Part B: Orbost to Eden (17 to 27 April, 2017)

MacKillop-Woods Way Pilgrimage 2017: Arrival in Orbost (Monday, 17 April 2017)

MacKillop-Woods Way Pilgrimage 2017: Day One (18 April) – Orbost to Sardine Creek on the Old Bonang Highway

MacKillop-Woods Way Pilgrimage 2017: Day Two (19 April) – Sardine Creek to Goongerah along Bonang Highway

MacKillop-Woods Way Pilgrimage 2017: Day Three (20 April) – Goongerah to Bendoc

MacKillop-Woods Way Pilgrimage 2017: Day Four (21 April) – Bendoc to Craigie

MacKillop-Woods Way Pilgrimage 2017: Day Five (22 April) – Craigie to Aston Creek (Bombala)

MacKillop-Woods Way Pilgrimage 2017: Day Six (23 April) – Aston Creek, Bombala, to Cathcart

MacKillop-Woods Way Pilgrimage 2017: Day Seven (24 April) – Cathcart to Burragate (Almost)

MacKillop-Woods Way Pilgrimage 2017: Day Eight (25 April) – Other side of Burragate to Towamba

MacKillop-Woods Way Pilgrimage 2017: Day Nine (26 April) – Towamba to Eden

MacKillop-Woods Way 2017: Mary MacKillop Hall, Mass and Travelling Home from Eden