First Female Bishop for MELBOURNE!

You might have heard it somewhere else first, but I heard it just tonight from Bishop Peter Elliot after the Cross and Icon mass. The Melbourne Anglicans, in an uncharacteristic display of unity and solidarity with their brethren and sistern in Perth, have rushed to announce their own female candidate for the Anglican episcopate.

I do admit to having a bit of a chuckle about the new bishop-elect’s name, Darling. The biography on the Melbourne Anglican website doesn’t mention whether she is married or not, but if she is, I wonder if Bishop Darling would be known by her better half as “darling Bishop”?

At least one Catholic bishop had a bit of a chuckle at that one.

Reminds one of another classic character by the same name…

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2 Responses to First Female Bishop for MELBOURNE!

  1. Lucian says:

    Told’ya, old-timer, unless she’s not a transsexual turned woman just for the sake of a lascivious lesbian love-affair with his/her lascivious lesbian lover, I’M NOT INTERESTED !!! Gay and female Deacons and/or Priests and/or Bishops are, like, *SOOO* five minutes ago! :)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Well this is just another nail in the ecumenical dialogue between the ‘Churches’. The Anglicans have no chance of ever uniting with the catholic Church due to this leming-run to oblivion by ‘ordaining’ women as bishops, just as their creating of women priests. Its about time the Catholic Church once again reminded us all that the Anglican ‘Church’ is INVALID, a breakaway sect that is not united in faith to the true Church of Christ. It is a sign of scandal and only more so by such acts as this, just as the gay-Robinson act in the USA has made the Anglican/Episcopalian sect the laughing stock. What do the Orthodox think of this? What do Christians world-wide think of this? I believe that they think it is a joke, a travesty of the Gospel of Christ and its about time the real bishops of the Church said -THIS DIALOGUE WITH THE ANGLICANS MUST STOP. They have cut themselves off from the true faith. Put an end to it now and let the Anglicans live in their fantasy world of false beliefs. Will anyone ever stand up and say this is a total travesty of the Gospel? Sad but true. Semper fidelis.

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