Back in the pulpit…

“The aim is to try not to be dull,” as Neuhaus said in the blog below. I will take that advice to heart as I enter the pulpit for the first time in about six years tomorrow at St Patrick’s Church, Murrumbeena, for their Week of Prayer for Christian Unity service at 1:30pm tomorrow.

Don’t worry, I won’t post my sermon here. Not good style for preacher/bloggers, I reckon. Sermons are preached into a specific context and are meant to be listened to rather than read.

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3 Responses to Back in the pulpit…

  1. Joshua says:

    “And thirty-seventhly, dearest brethren…”


  2. Fraser Pearce says:

    But so many sermons make good reading. Surely you have read many sermons.

    But don’t worry – I won’t be posting mine!

  3. Schütz says:

    No, not really. Well, apart from the sermons of the Fathers, and Newman, and Luther and perhaps a few others (I’m sounding like Paul saying he has never baptised anyone, aren’t I?).

    But it takes a remarkably good orator to both be good listening AND good reading.

    Few have the skill to make a sermon both. Many have the ability to make it neither.

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