Latin "new" to the Vatican Website?

Well, not really, despite the beat up in the English press (the usual suspects). The Vatican website has always been the “go-to” place to find the original latin of the various decrees and documents of the Holy See. Latin has always been there (if that was the original language of the document) along with English, French, Italian, German and Spanish for most documents. The difference (and you will see it as soon as you go the Vatican home page) is that there is now a actual “Latin” version of the website, just as there has always been an English, German, Italian etc. version. It is a change in emphasis rather than anything else. And a welcome one.

Note, however, that not everything is there yet. The “Curia” only has the congregations, and not the Pontifical Councils (eg. for Inter-religious relations or Christian Unity). And if you click the “Latin” page, you will find set up somewhat different in appearance from the other languages. Latin will have won the day when it is truly an “equal partner”, if not the “first among equals” in the languages represented on the Vatican Website.

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