Golden moments in recent interviews

Occasionally, I come across an exchange in an interview that is just priceless, and needs to be repeated. The first is from John Allen’s Word from Rome, interviewing the US Ambassador to the Holy See, Francis Rooney:

JA:      Let’s talk about the United Nations. Over the years, the Holy See has expressed more confidence than the United States about the U.N. as an organ of international governance.
FR:     You don’t have to have a lot of confidence to have more confidence than we do.

The second one is from this morning’s Stephen Crittenden Show with guest Mustapha Kara-Ali (who, apart from this exchange, came across quite well):

SC:      And what about Muslims who convert to Christianity in Afghanistan and face the death penalty? Do we just not talk about that bit?

MK-A:      Again, what we have today – look, I can tell you clearly, what we have today –

SC:      Apparently we don’t talk about that bit.

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