OK, John Garratt's gone too far now…

I stopped buying from John Garratt’s bookstore when they published Bishop Robinson’s book. They also run a series of “Thursday talks”. Here is the latest I received in my “in tray” today:

Free Thursday Night Talk Series
Topic: Christian Spirituality and the Gay Experience
Presented By: Michael Kelly

Michael Kelly is an internationally known writer, speaker and educator in the area of Christian spirituality and the gay experience. He has led retreats and spoken on these issues throughout Australia, in the United States and in Britain. He will be speaking on this subject at our May Bookroom evening.

Michael Kelly is a freelance writer, activist, counsellor and educator, known internationally for his ministry in spirituality, sexuality and human integration.

When: 29 May 2008 – 7.30pm for 8pm
Where: John Garratt Bookroom
32 Glenvale Cres MULGRAVE VIC 3170

We’re just half an hour down the Monash Freeway from Melbourne’s CBD

RSVP: sales@johngarratt.com.au or Phone 1300 650 878 by Wednesday 28 May 2008 for seating purposes & catering

Kelly has repeatedly and publically opposed the teaching of the Church on matters of homosexuality. Cf. His “radical challenge of Christianity” in “Seduced by Grace”.

Just for the record, I am not homophobic. I do have an aversion to people dressing up their own private lives as authentic Christianity when it is counter to what the Church expressly teaches. I have nothing but respect for those homosexually inclined persons who do live out a truly Catholic spirituality (cf. John Heard at “Dreadnought”). In any case, I would contend that Heard shows us a more authentic grasp of the “radical challenge of Christianity” than Kelly does when he dresses up his licentiousness as “grace”.

According to their mission statement, John Garratt publishing seeks to “assist the Church to fulfil its mission”. With help like this, who needs enemies?

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